Gray Stackable Beaded Stretch Bracelet with Coral Tassel


Stackable beaded stretch bracelet created with 8 MM gray matte glass beads, white agate beads and delicate leather tassel charm. Leather tassel color may vary.

Can be used to wear essential oils!



Stackable Beaded Stretch Bracelet: Handmade semi-precious gemstone bracelet. Created with beautiful 8 MM Gray Matte Glass beads, White Agate beads and a delicate leather charm. Leather tassel color may vary. Each gemstone bracelet has its’ own healing properties and characteristics associated with its’ unique stones.

Perfect to wear on it’s own or to use as an essential oil diffuser bracelet!

If you want to learn about using essential oils with your bracelet, be sure to check out my Essential Oils Page or website.


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