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I am so excited you are here and want to know more about Young Living Essential Oils! These oils can truly help you and your family live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

I know you are here looking for better solutions for your family’s health, so I invite you to see how oils can improve your world! Body, mind, and home.


What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile liquids distilled from plants. The oil can be obtained from the roots, seeds, shrub, flowers, leaves and trees and bring health and healing to the body. The chemistry is extremely complex and may consist of hundreds of different and unique chemical compounds.

Essential Oil’s were mankind’s first means of wellness and are in fact mentioned ALL throughout Scripture. The oils are very complex and very powerful which is why they are able to reach every part of our bodies on a cellular level. Within minutes of using or breathing in an oil, they can be found in every organ in your body!

Essential oils can be used: topically, aromatically, or internally.

The fragrance of the oils work on the limbic system in the brain where emotions are stored and can help relax and clear the mind as well as release emotional trauma. 

Common uses include:

  • Mood elevation, stress reduction and emotional support
  • Mental clarity and stamina; brain health
  • Physical performance; joint and muscle support
  • Immune support; maintain wellness
  • Extremely high in antioxidant value
  • Compatible with diversity of gut flora
  • Non-toxic solutions to chemical-laden household products

It is estimated that up to 96% of Essential oils on the Market are adulterated, engineered, or extended with the use of synthetic chemicals and it’s perfectly legal to label them as pure and organic.

The Terms “100% pure,” “certified therapeutic grade” and “clinical grade” are all made up marketing terms; there is no rating system in the U.S. for essential oils!

That is why I put my trust in the only essential oil company in the world that owns their own farms, distilleries and distribution centers and is in control every step of the way, from seed to seal.

Ways to Use

With three ways to use essential oils, it's never been easier to start incorporating them into your daily routine.
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Diffuser 101

Learn how to use your diffuser by following these 6 easy steps. PLUS learn how to properly clean it for the best functionality.

Getting Started

The Premium Starter Kit is a well curated box that includes all the essential oils needed for a great foundation. Including wholesale discount!

PSK Recipes

Need help with recipes for the diffuser, roll-on bottles and how to properly dilute? I've got you covered with all you need to get started.

Earn Money

Many of us stumbled into the business side of this by accident. One of the best things about this business is the freedom it offers!


Not sure where to start? What's the catch? Do I have to...? I've got all your frequently asked questions covered!

"I can't believe I've been able to stop taking my prescription medication before bed! I'm hooked on my lavender & cedarwood and have been sleeping like a baby. I love how easy they are to use!"
Lavender essential oil
G. Wood