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I’ve been a professional hair & makeup artist for over 10 years, specializing in bridal beauty. But honestly, I’ve loved everything to do with beauty for as long as I can remember.

I’ve realized that my passion is helping women learn how to apply makeup or style their hair to enhance their natural beauty. To help them feel confident, beautiful and their absolute best!

But it doesn’t stop there… I’m a creative at heart and love making pretty things; including handmade bracelets and digital art. 

This is my little corner of the inter webs where I hope you’ll see something you like, or learn something new. 

Now scroll on down and get to know a little more about me!

I'm Lindsey

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Guacamole, margarita & taco obsessed

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Give me fresh flowers any day!

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Night Owl = Creativity starts flowing 

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Order from Amazon on the daily

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I’m a Pro at organized chaos

I want this to be a place you feel comfortable. The kick off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee and cuddle up on the couch type of comfortable.

A place where you can find peace in being perfectly imperfect.
If there is ever a conversation you want to have, I want to talk to you about it.

xoxo, Your friend -

lindsey rae

A little about me...

I’m a wife, mom, hair & makeup artist, bridal hair educator and a serial entrepreneur. I live in Charlotte, NC with my Swedish husband and cutie patootie, light up my life 8 year old son. 

As a bridal hair & makeup artist, it has always been so rewarding to make women feel beautiful. To enhance their natural beauty and allow their inner beauty to shine.

I Believe...

Our thoughts are more powerful than we could ever imagine and that we can change the world through friendship and kindness.

I want to shine a light for you when you feel the dark creeping in. To be the person who lifts you up and makes you smile. I truly want to be your friend!

The Backstory...

Growing up I never fit into any one particular clique. I kind of thought of myself as a floater… friends with everyone. I was shy at times but outgoing when I felt comfortable and confident. 

I went to college for engineering but I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and couldn’t picture myself in that “box”. However, I knew SOMEDAY I would own my own business, switched majors and got a business degree. 

(I actually have my dad to thank for that – He told me every chance he could to “be an entrepreneur!” I guess it stuck!)

I’ve always been a creative at heart. Growing up I loved to play with hair & makeup; doing it for friends all the time. It wasn’t until some of my good friends told me I should be doing it as a business did it even enter my mind. In fact, two friends gave me a shot at doing their wedding’s, giving me photos to build my portfolio. It was also when I got the clarity that I LOVED bridal hair & makeup in particular. Wow – thank you to those friends who saw in me what I didn’t! 

What's next...

So the next thing I did was figure out how to turn it into an actual business and not just a hobby! It involved:

  • lots of online education
  • doing gigs for free
  • reaching out to other vendors in the wedding industry to build relationships
  • and most of all, just doing it!

Now fast forward 10 years and I STILL love it. Being a part of the happiest day of a woman’s life (thus far), making them feel like the most special person in the world, calming them down when they feel the nerves…. Above all, becoming friends with every single one of my clients. 

But something else happened...

I began hand lettering and watercolor painting as a creative outlet. Designing pieces that just make me smile and say “omg- it’s so pretty!” or “yes, I need to read that every day!”

And then, through my love of essential oils, I began designing my own essential oil diffuser bracelets and quickly realized how much I loved creating these pieces! It was sort of therapeutic to think of what bracelet designs would make a woman feel confident and beautiful. Whether you decide to use oils with them or not, I just want to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that women love!

Jewelry and art are each, in their own way, a path of self expression. I hope that my designs resonate with a woman’s inner style and encourage her to be herself.

Ok enough about me… I want to know more about you! Let’s be friends, ok?!

Take a look at my creative side...

Handmade jewelry

Made with gemstones, wood and lava beads; each bracelet is handmade with love.


Delicate and inspiring hand drawn and written illustrations.


To inspire community and friendship; making the world more beautiful, joyful and connected with each relationship built.

Signature Products

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"You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful."

- Amy Bloom