I’m definitely a girl who wears makeup every. single. day. Probably because I have such fair eyelashes and eyebrows. πŸ˜‚ But I prefer natural, everyday makeup that makes me look fresh, polished and not over done. I want to look like ME.Β 

I like full coverage because I have freckles and dark under eye circles, but I don’t want it to feel (or look)Β like I’m wearing a lot. So I’m sharing and breaking down my favorite everyday makeup products!Β 

You can simply click on each product image or number in the graphic below to purchase for yourself if you'd like!


After my skincare and sunscreen, I always start with a face primer. Lately I’ve been loving this primer in particular. The soft-focusing formula hydrates and blurs the look of imperfections and fine lines. It makes you look like you’re glowing from within, without adding shine.Β 

I am loving this foundation because it is lightweight, buildable with great pigmentation, long-lasting and has a natural matte finish. I find it great for most skin types and just an all around amazing product.

These knock-ff beauty blenders are the real deal y’all! They come in a pack of 5, are a fraction of the price and are SO soft. These are by far the best out of any alternative brand I’ve tried.Β 

I love applying foundation and concealer with a damp sponge like this because it really allows you to get a flawless coverage. No brush strokes, just nice even coverage and blending.Β 

When I’m doing quick, everyday makeup, I really don’t put a lot of focus into the concealer. I just add a little to the inner and outer corners and blend it under the eye, onto of the eyelid and any leftover will go on the parts of my face I want to highlight. For example, around my nose, my chin and between my eyebrows/center of my forehead.

My main purpose is to brighten my under-eyes and make a nice even “canvas” on my eyelids to prep & prime them for eyeshadow.Β 

Once I’m done with my foundation and concealer, I like to set it all with a powder to really lock it in to last the whole day. Setting your eyelids also allows the eyeshadow to go on smoothly without tugging or pulling.

If you want more coverage, use a pressed powder that is also a foundation. If you don’t need the extra coverage, just use a translucent powder (pressed or loose).

I actually really like this banana powder to help blur and give a beautiful complexion.


This nude-pink eye palette is gorgeous and flattering on any eye color!! It’s feminine yet natural and comes with two matte colors and two shimmering colors.

Typically I will use the light pink matte color in the crease of my eye. Followed by the light shimmer color on my lower lid and inner corner. Lastly I will apply the darker matte color on the outer 1/3rd of my eye as well as on the outer 3/4 of my lower lash line.

I like using gel eyeliners because they are generally easy to blend. This liner in particular is very smooth and thin which is good for those of us with smaller lower eyelids!Β 

For the days when I’m doing “quick” makeup, I’ll just put this eyeliner on the outer 2/3rds of my lash line. Then I’ll take a small liner brushΒ and blend it towards my inner eye using small dashes.Β 

This approach thickens my lash line just enough to make my lashes look more naturally voluminous.

I have been loving this mascara, especially on these quick days! It’s thick and really coats the lashes easily without using a lot of product. It really makes it easy. However, I feel that it is a little harder to take off. I take a cotton round with micellar waterΒ and press it on my eyelashes to really soak them. Then the mascara comes off fairly easy.Β 


If you’re new to cream sticks, this little mini nudies set is the way to go! It’s got a bronzer, blush and highlighter and the colors are beautiful on almost any skin tone. While they aren’t super pigmented… that’s actually a good thing for newbies.Β 

You don’t have to be scared that you’ll over do it and you can really play with them to see how much or how little you like. They blend easily and are so versatile! You can use the bronzer as blush and eyeshadow. The blush as lipstick. And the highlighter as eyeshadow! I call it a win-win-win!


This all matte eyeshadow palette is beautiful! I love it for eyes, but I also use one color (Wanderer) in particular for my brows! I prefer powder for brows because I feel that it gives a very natural look and is pretty forgiving and easy to use.Β 

Using an angled brow brushΒ and small dashes, you can really get beautiful, full brows that last all day! I don’t personally need any type of gel to hold my brows in place; however, if you find that you need a little more help in the taming department, there are many options!

Clear Brow Gels:

Soap Brows:


Perfect for blending anything creamy! It’s dense, yet fluffy and so so soft!Β 

A brush with medium length bristles, not to long and not too short. Rounded and tapered at the end makes this a perfect eyeshadow blending brush!

The key with this brush is to use it on it’s side, laying down. Don’t try to use the tip/point! Instead, lay it down on your lash line and blend or spread the product using small dashes.

This brush would also work great for lip liner!

For brows, I prefer an angled brush that isn’t too flimsy or too narrow. I think this one works great for any brow size/shape.Β 


This lipstick is creamy, soft and the perfect matte without leaving your lips dry. It makes them feel hydrated and smooth! Seriously- it’s sooo good!Β 

I LOVE this pink mauve color called Salt Lyfe, and think it is just the prettiest on almost anyone!


If you want to watch a video tutorial of this natural, everyday makeup look – head on over to Instagram and give me a follow! I’ve saved this in my story highlights. πŸ˜‰Β 

As always, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or reach out to me with any questions!Β 

If you’re looking for more beauty tips, check out my blog post on 5 Ways to Make Your Makeup Last All Day!

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