hey friend, I'm lindsey!

Wife, mom, h&m artist, DIYer, & creator of other magical things.

Did we just become best friends? Why yes, yes we did!

Welcome to my little space on the web. I'm just your everyday girl... a wife, a mom, a friend... someone who loves making things pretty and sharing the million other things that make up my life. From kids to lifestyle to artwork and more.

I'm a creative at heart and a big part of my life is making beautiful digital art and handmade arm candy. You want to add a little magic to your everyday style, or maybe you're looking for a piece of artwork to finally finish decorating that wall.

Perhaps you need the perfect gift to give someone you care about. I've got you!

For the Fashionista


Jazz up your style with a little arm candy

Handmade bracelets using earth’s finest materials; semi-precious gemstones, wood, leather and metal. Wear one on its’ own or wear them stacked; either way you’ll love how an accessory completes your look!

What's new in the shop

Handcrafted Digital Art

Creative illustrations and graphics that will bring personality and beauty to your home, office or business.Β 

watercolor printable
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Customer testimonials

  • “I LOVE my bracelet! It fits perfectly!! Now I just have to decide what oil to put on it first!.”

    Megan S.
  • “I absolutely ❀️ my new bracelets! I didn’t know which ones I wanted because I love them all! I’m getting all of them eventually! πŸ˜‚”

    Victoria B.
  • “I started using oils to help with my headaches. I now use oils for most things including cleaning products, sleeping better and knocking out sick days. I love all of Lindsey’s recipes; she is so knowledgeable on how to help with anything, including making my home smell good and boost my mood!”

    Liz S.
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Let's be besties!

I love connecting on Insta, sharing mom stories & maybe even helping each other stay sane!